Universal Nutcracker
Model 1120AIO
Because we are constantly making improvements to our products, our most current product may vary slightly from the above image.
We are almost finished with one of our most anticipated machines; Our All-In-One 1120AIO nutcracker. It will not only crack the nuts but also separate the nut meat from the shells. This machine is a combination of our Counter Top Cracker 560CT and a smaller Shell Sorter ďAll-In-OneĒ machine.
It is truly amazing. It will crack and sort so you donít have too. With this new design it will crack almost any kind of nuts round, oval, flat or irregular including almonds, pecans, black walnuts, macadamias, hickory nuts pistachios and much more.

Nuts with heavy shells like macadamias do not work well with our blower system. They are too heavy for the machine to do a good job separating.

Not Available at this Time. Please check back later.

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