Universal Nutcracker
Model 750C
The Model 750c is designed for nut businesses that need high quantity and quality yield from the shelling process.

When cracking walnuts you get an average 50-60% halves and the rest quarters and pieces. On hazelnuts or macadamia nuts you get 75-85% whole kernel nut. Model 750c works bests on rounder style of nuts.

Use the Model 750C as a standalone cracker or easily incorporate it into you custom production line.

Note: Because of the new Model 760C, we are closing out this model.

Weight130 lbs
Height21 in
Width17 in
Depth10 1/2 in
Cracking Jaw Adjustment1/8 in to 2 1/2 in
Motor1/2 HP
Motor Phasesingle phase, 110v or 220v
Cracking Capacityaporox. 12 lbs/min
Price SALE$2,195.00 plus shipping
AvailabilityWhile supplies last.
We are closing out this model.

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