Universal Nutcracker
Model 760C NEW
Because we are constantly making improvements to our products, our most current product may vary slightly from the above image.
Our newest commercial nutcracker is the 760C. The 760C has all the great features of the 750C with a few improvements. The new cracking device will crack all variety of nuts round, oval, flat or irregular. The cutting shaft has blades that pin the nut against the back plate and peels the shell away with minimal damage to the nutmeat. We have yet to find a nut this machine cannot crack. When cracking walnuts you get an average 55-70% halves and the rest quarters and pieces. On hazelnuts or macadamia nuts you get 80-95% whole kernel nut. You will also see a higher volume of whole nuts with minimal damage to the kernel. You will not find a better machine.
Weight85 lbs
Height21 in
Width16 in
Depth12 in
Cracking Jaw Adjustment1/8 in. to 2 1/2 in.
Motor1/2 HP
Motor Phasesingle phase, 110 or 220
Price$2,500 plus shipping

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